• Each of our three “synthesis” labs has standard synthetic equipment.
  • McNeil Group

    Our research is aimed at addressing some of the world's biggest challenges through chemical recycling or upcycling of waste plastics, developing methods to capture microplastics, measuring microplastics in the environment, and designing redox active molecules for energy storage applications.

  • Our Core Values

    Everyone is welcomed, valued, and respected within our group.

  • Each graduate student and post-doc has their own bench and hood.

  • Each of our three “synthesis” labs has standard synthetic equipment.

  • Our new materials are characterized using a suite of instruments – both in house and on campus.

  • Undergraduate researchers have the opportunity to guide their own research projects.

McNeil Group News

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June 2024

Welcome to our summer rotator – Avery Long!

May 2024

Congrats to Dr. Soyoung Kim on her bead-based RFB paper in ACS Energy Letters – a collaboration with the Rodríguez-López group at UIUC!

April 2024

Congrats to Maddie & Rahul on their awesome 3rd year seminars!

April 2024

Congrats to Malavika and Liz for passing their gateway exams!

March 2024

Congrats to our newest doctor – Dr. Jessica Tami – on her successful PhD defense!

March 2024

Congrats to Malavika for winning a Department Service Award!

March 2024

Congrats to Malavika, Henry, Maddie, and Sarena on their paper on microplastics capture in drinking water in RSC Appl. Polym.!

February 2024

Welcome visiting PhD student Ali Hachem from University of Bari!