• Each of our three “synthesis” labs has standard synthetic equipment.
  • McNeil Group

    Our research program includes organic/organometallic synthesis and catalysis, polymer synthesis and applications, depolymerization/recycling, responsive hydrogel formation, and chemistry education.

  • Our Core Values

    Everyone is welcomed, valued, and respected within our group.

  • Each graduate student and post-doc has their own bench and hood.

  • Each of our three “synthesis” labs has standard synthetic equipment.

  • Our new materials are characterized using a suite of instruments – both in house and on campus.

  • Undergraduate researchers have the opportunity to guide their own research projects.

McNeil Group News

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July 2021

The group welcomes Dr. Patrick Lutz, who is back for summer research.

July 2021

Congrats to undergraduate Morgan Young, who will be heading to Cornell for graduate school this Fall.

July 2021

Congrats to HS student Edwin Zishiri who will be heading to Yale this Fall!

July 2021

Congrats to Takunda Chazovachii for successfully defending his thesis!

May 2021

Congrats to Justin Harris for successfully defending his PhD!

May 2021

The group welcomes undergraduate Natalie Miller, who received a summer research fellowship!

April 2021

Vai and Izzy officially join the McNeil Group as graduate students – welcome!

April 2021

The group welcomes our newest postdoc – Dr. Woojung Ji – who just completed her PhD with Will Dichtel at Northwestern!

Latest McNeil Group Tweets

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1 day ago
♻️The story about how @takuechaz repurposed superadsorbent polymers into adhesives is online now and #openaccess. Thanks to our collaborators @ZimmermanUMich and @jfalfaro! ♻️ https://t.co/EZlOjupxFY
3 weeks ago
525,600 wires https://t.co/j6Vmoyz6C6
McNeilGroup photo
Anne McNeil @AnneJMcNeil
How many adapters, cords, and grad students does it take to set up a hybrid group meeting? @McNeilGroup https://t.co/1cO1TLBl51
4 weeks ago
Congratulations Dr. Takunda Chazovachii! From repurposing plastic waste to remediating microplastic pollution - he gave an AMAZING defense today! 🙌 https://t.co/9Il0Q3Vpui
1 month ago
Matched our extraction to our snacks today. https://t.co/fcjEmdCIBy McNeilGroup photo