• Each of our three “synthesis” labs has standard synthetic equipment.
  • Graduate students have an opportunity to mentor undergraduate student researchers.
  • McNeil Group

    Our research program includes organic/organometallic synthesis and catalysis, polymer synthesis and applications, depolymerization/recycling, responsive hydrogel formation, and chemistry education.

  • Our Core Values

    Everyone is welcomed, valued, and respected within our group.

  • Each graduate student and post-doc has their own bench and hood.

  • Each of our three “synthesis” labs has standard synthetic equipment.

  • Our new materials are characterized using a suite of instruments – both in house and on campus.

  • Graduate students have an opportunity to mentor undergraduate student researchers.

  • Undergraduate researchers have the opportunity to guide their own research projects.

McNeil Group News

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April 2021

Vai and Izzy officially join the McNeil Group as graduate students – welcome!

April 2021

The group welcomes our newest postdoc – Dr. Woojung Ji – who just completed her PhD with Will Dichtel at Northwestern!

March 2021

Congrats to undergraduate Morgan Young on receiving the 2021 American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry Award!

January 2021

Check out our latest paper on an air-tolerant synthesis of P3HT!

January 2021

Isabelle Zelaya joins the group as a Winter-term rotator!

December 2020

Check out our Viewpoint on ‘redefining sustainable polymers’ published in ACS Macro Lett. today! https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acsmacrolett.0c00789

October 2020

Dr. Tan Nguyen joins the lab as a post-doc – welcome Tan!

September 2020

Welcome to our lab’s newest rotators – Vai and Lizzy!

Latest McNeil Group Tweets

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1 week ago
Grad student @e_a_mueller was awarded “Best Oral Presentation” for her talk at the “Frontiers in Conjugated Polymer Design & Synthesis” symposium at the 2021 Spring ACS Meeting! Go Emily! 🤩🤩👏👏 #MondayMotivation
2 weeks ago
Congrats to all UMich graduates today! 🎉👏Extra cheers to one our undergrads @MorganSYoung1. Extra extra cheers that she’ll still be doing chemistry with us this summer before starting her PhD at @CornellChem https://t.co/1rmC8ShFJY https://t.co/XHlIHt99lG
McNeilGroup photo
Michigan Chemistry @MichiganChem
Celebrating our graduates! Virtual ceremony today (April 30) at noon
#MGoGrad #LSAvictors @umichLSA https://t.co/sFCkn6anMu
2 weeks ago
Wonderful news: grad students Vai Shastri and Izzy Zelaya have ~*officially*~ joined the group! And by total coincidence they posed as enantiomers in their group photos. A sign of exciting chemistry to come. https://t.co/Dqy0KiZDQw McNeilGroup photo
2 weeks ago
Wow! https://t.co/zdw0o5QJIF
McNeilGroup photo
Danielle Maxwell @Danielle_Maxwel
We collected over 375 pieces of trash from the Ruthven Nature Area and tracked our collection using @DebrisTracker. Memorable finds included a deer skull and a $20 bill. Thank you for organizing this cleanup, @AnneJMcNeil and @McNeilGroup!

#CleanA2 #MichiganChem #EarthDay2021 https://t.co/TkolwMpScf