• Each of our three “synthesis” labs has standard synthetic equipment.
  • McNeil Group

    Our research is aimed at addressing some of the world's biggest challenges through chemical recycling or upcycling of waste plastics, developing methods to capture microplastics, and designing redox active molecules for energy storage applications.

  • Our Core Values

    Everyone is welcomed, valued, and respected within our group.

  • Each graduate student and post-doc has their own bench and hood.

  • Each of our three “synthesis” labs has standard synthetic equipment.

  • Our new materials are characterized using a suite of instruments – both in house and on campus.

  • Undergraduate researchers have the opportunity to guide their own research projects.

McNeil Group News

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February 2023

Congrats to Maddie for passing her “gateway” exam!

December 2022

Check out photos from our holiday party!

December 2022

Maddie is awarded the Women in Science Prize from The Story Exchange – congrats Maddie!

December 2022

Anne and Danielle are interviewed on NPR’s Stateside! Listen here.

December 2022

Our paper on thienothiophene polymerization is out – congrats to Matt & Jessica for getting this over the finish line!

December 2022

The UM Record highlights our PVC work! To read, click here.

December 2022

Chemistry World highlights our recent PVC work! Click here for the story.

November 2022

Macro PhD student Henry Thurber joins the lab – welcome Henry!

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CONGRATS to Rahul @JhaRahulKant on passing his candidacy exam this morning! ⭐️ We are so proud of you!! That PVC doesn’t know what’s coming for it 😏 https://t.co/YVUtFb1KSG McNeilGroup photo
CONGRATS to 2nd year Maddie Clough ( @MadelineEClough) for passing her gateway exam this morning!! We’re so proud of you! ⭐️ #teammicroplastics https://t.co/rsRM2Zb4Su McNeilGroup photo
New merch alert! 🚨 Look at these mugs we just got with a beautiful logo designed by @MadelineEClough. I bet we can fit so much espresso in these 😎 https://t.co/1jCyAfVNSP McNeilGroup photo
Our labmate is a rockstar! 🌟 Congrats to Maddie @MadelineEClough for winning @TheStoryXchange Women in Science Prize for her work on airborne microplastics!! Read all about some amazing women below 👩‍🔬👇 https://t.co/BdQabxUwZl