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I created DiversifyChemistry.com (in 2018) because I wanted to bring visibility to those from underrepresented groups in the chemistry community. I am incredibly grateful to Merck for funding the expansion of this site (in 2021) to include graduate students & postdocs as well as industrial chemists.

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Public Lectures & Articles on Diversifying Chemistry

Diversifying Science: A Conversation

Invited by: Hattie Yayla

Pfizer API DE&I Lecture (May 2021)

Diversifying Science: A Conversation with Anne McNeil

Invited by: Dani Schultz

Merck D&I Lecture (February 2020)

Diversifying Science: A Conversation with Anne McNeil

Invited by: Women in Science (WinS)

University of Windsor, Canada (February 2018)

Times Higher Education

Chemical bonds: Seven academic chemists give their views on the state of their discipline. (PDF)

Chemistry LGBTQ+ Logo

Working with University of Michigan artist/illustrator John Megahan, we created these periodic table images to increase visibility of LGBTQ chemists in the community and help promote a more welcoming atmosphere. To download the high-resolution image, contact Anne via email for the link and password.

LGBTQ+ Role Models in Science

Made by Joby Razzell Hollis for @LGBT_Physics and sponsored by the Institute of Physics.

Science is for everyone, and should be accessible to anyone, and becoming a scientist can seem intimidating.

Nothing is more reassuring than seeing someone like you, or who you feel a connection to, has gone before and made a success of it.