Former Group Members

Former members of our lab

Former Research Scientist

Dr. Tom Vaid

Time: 01/22-12/22 Research Scientist

Research Scientist
UM Engineering

Former Research Associates

Dr. Graeme Copley (he/him)

Time: 02/20-02/21 Research Affiliate

Staff Scientist
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL

Dr. Michele Nelson

Time: 06/15-08/17 Research Associate

Science Education Consultant

Former Postdocs

Dr. Woojung Ji

Time: 04/21-04/23 Postdoc

Research Scientist

Dr. Tan Nguyen (he/him)

Time: 09/20-03/22 Postdoc

Process Engineer
Portland, OR

Soyoung Kim (she/her)

Time: 06/20-05/24 post-doc

Research Scientist
University of Wyoming – Membrane Center

Dr. Danielle Fagnani (she/her)

Time: 07/18-08/22 postdoc

Applied Research Specialist
Ashland Chemical
Wilmington, Deleware

Dr. Tomohiro Kubo

Time: 05/18-11/19 Postdoc

Assistant Professor
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Nancy Wu

Time: 11/17-06/19 Post-doc

Senior Lecturer
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

Dr. Patrick Lutz

Time: 08/17-07/20 Postdoc

Assistant Professor
St. Lawrence University
Canton, NY

Dr. Nicole Camasso

Time: 07/17-11/17 Post-doc

Managing Editor
American Chemical Society
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Carol Ann Castañeda

Time: 01/16-05/17 Post-doc

Department of Chemistry
University of Michigan

Dr. Danielle Zurcher

Time: 01/16-05/17 Post-doc

Time: 06/22-01/16 Graduate Student

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Chen Kong

Time: 10/15-01/18 Post-doc

VP, Business Development
BOC Sciences
Shirley, NY

Dr. Sameer Phadke

Time: 09/15-08/16 Post-doc

Medicinal Chemist
Engine Biosciences
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Gesine Veits

Time: 02/15-10/16 Post-doc

Senior Scientist
Treeline Biosciences
Cambridge, MA

Dr. Rachel Barnard

Time: 08/14-05/17 Post-doc

Lyman Briggs College
Michigan State University

Dr. Fei Cheng

Time: 10/13-10/14 Post-doc

SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions
Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Ariana Hall

Time: 05/13-06/18 Graduate Student

Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, PA

Dr. Edmund Palermo

Time: 06/11-06/14 Post-doc

Associate Professor
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY

Dr. Maria Muro-Small

Time: 06/10-05/11 Post-doc

Senior Quality Engineer
Lakeland, FL

Dr. Steven Bremmer

Time: 01/10-10/12 Post-doc

Senior Scientist
Oerth Bio
Apex, North Carolina

Dr. Raja Kaliappan

Time: 01/08-06/09 Post-doc

Director, Research and Technology
Huntsman Corporation
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Former Graduate Students

Gloria De La Garza (she/her)

Time: 05/18-07/23 graduate student

Research Scientist

Dr. Takunda Chazovachii

Time: 01/18-08/21 Graduate Student

Research Scientist
PPG Industries - Allison Park Coatings Innovation Center
Pittsburg, PA

Dr Dukhan Kim (he/him)

Time: 09/17-03/22 Graduate Student

Process Engineer
Portland, OR

Dr. Emily Mueller (she/her)

Time: 05/17-08/21 Graduate Student

also, freelance SciComm

Dr. Justin Harris

Time: 05/17-06/21 Graduate Student

Senior Research Engineer
St. Gobain
Northborough, MA

Dr. Matthew Hannigan (he/him)

Time: 05/17-04/22 Graduate Student

Postdoc at NYU
Working with Marcus Weck

Dr. Danielle Zurcher

Time: 01/16-05/17 Post-doc

Time: 06/22-01/16 Graduate Student

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Amanda Leone

Time: 05/15-08/18 Graduate Student

Senior Research Chemist
St. Paul, MN

Dr. Kendra Souther

Time: 05/14-05/18 Graduate Student

Supplier Development Engineer (Aerospace Engineering)
Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Ariana Hall

Time: 05/13-06/18 Graduate Student

Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, PA

Dr. Mitchell Smith

Time: 05/12-01/17 Graduate Student

PTD Module Engineer
Portland, OR

Dr. Peter Goldberg

Time: 05/12-05/17 Graduate Student

Senior Scientist
H.B. Fuller
Minneapolis-St Paul, MN

Dr. Zachary Bryan

Time: 05/10-05/15 Graduate Student

Technical Service and Development Scientist
Texas Innovation Campus
Lake Jackson, TX

Dr. Kelsey Carter

Time: 05/09-07/14 Graduate Student

Project Lead/Formulator
CPI Fluid Engineering
Midland, MI

Dr. Se Ryeon Lee

Time: 05/09-04/14 Graduate Student

Global Technical Manager - Mobility Battery Coatings
PPG Industries - Allison Park
Pittsburg, PA

Dr. Cheryl Moy

Time: 05/08-08/12 Graduate Student

Associate Professor
Minerva University
Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Jonas Locke

Time: 05/08-08/12 Graduate Student

West Side Brewing
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dr. Jing Chen

Time: 05/08-08/12 Graduate Student

Research Scientist
Redmond, WA

Dr. Erica Locke

Time: 05/07-01/11 Graduate Student

R&D Senior Scientist
Proctor and Gamble
Cincinnati, OH

Former Masters Students

Emma Sollner

Time: 09/23-05/24 MS

Time: 09/21-08/23 Undergraduate

Midland, MI

Isabelle Zelaya (she/her)

Time: 05/21-03/23 MS student


Brianna Barbu

Time: 05/18-12/19 graduate student

Assistant Editor, Production
Chemical & Engineering News

Yash Adhia

Time: 09/08-05/11 Graduate Student

Lead Application Engineer
King of Prussia, PA

Dan Dawson

Time: 05/07-07/08 Graduate Student

QC Analyst II
Alexza Pharmaceuticals
San Francisco, CA

Former Undergrads

Joelle Anderson

Matthew Bagazinski

Lydia Benitez

Aryeh Blumenreich

Mari Brunner

Neal Captain

Yi (Lisa) Cheng

Sarena Chirdon

Mackenzie Clemons

Sarah Cox

Will Crosby

Nadine Currie

Xibei Dang

Madeleine DeClercq

Julian Diaz Romero

Xiadio (Angelo) Gao

Feng Ge

Christine Gleave

Lydia Goedert (she/her)

Patrick Guisinger

Ellie Haljun (she/her)

Jerick Hartono

Mia Kohler

Matthew Kole

Devki Kothari

Xinyu (Jenny) Liu

Tyler Lopez

Jacob Lueck

Natalie Miller (she/her)

Oscar Mota

Maria Perez

Dylan Phillips

Halley Rycenga

Tracy Schloemer

Kikel Sekoni

Julia Smith

Siena Snyder

Siena Snyder

Phillip Stratton

Zackary Taylor (he/him)

Dom Valentino

Harry van der Laan

David Vargas

Weiwei Wu

Jun Xu

Morgan Young (she/her)

Xiao Zhang

Carolyn Zhao